• Planning
• Part preparation
• Mechanical processing of bulky constructions
• Assembly and welding of units and constructions
• Painting in a painting chamber
• On spot installation of constructions

We work with metal processing and coating, construct and develop buildings.
Steel sandblasting up to SA3, paint coating and priming.

Production of ship parts and constructions, fabricated cyclones, separators and steel constructions for buildings.
Platforms, ladders, hose reels, bridges, pipe flanges and holders etc.

All production is made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

The factory covers around 10 000 m2 of area; closed facilities under roof cover around 6 000 m2.
The maximum measurements of a produced steel construction is over 8000x10900x24000mm; the maximum weight is over 40 tons.

The manufacture of metal products and constructions applies modern processing and installation technologies. Periodical certification and constantly renovated technical equipment prove the quality of works and our capability to implement big and technically complex projects.





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